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Pre-2016 Trials
Equipment (Z'ville)  
The Fieldhouse (Z'ville)
Zanesville Hotels


Parkersburg OTC, GRCCO, COSSA, BTCA, MKC, and AAKA Agility Trial info and downloads


Premiums for these clubs' Agility trials are posted in the table below

(scroll to bottom of page for past trials' results)


Glenn Rawsky, AKC Licensed Trial Secretary

Rebecca Smith, Associate Trial Secretary

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Upcoming Trials

Premiums will be posted no later than 2 weeks prior to Opening date.  Judging Schedules will be posted no later than ~11 days prior to the trial.

Dates Club Location Entry Method Classes Height Order Premium Opens (8am) RD (4pm) Closes (4pm) Judging Schedule Moveup Deadline Judges Fees
Apr 29-30, 2017 AAKA Latrobe FR Premier:Saturday; FAST:Sat/Sun T-S 28 Feb n/a 11 Apr 24 Apr Rudd & Rudd $24/$14/$14...
Sep 15-17, 2017 BTCA Zanesville RD S-T Morgan & Blakely $22/$14/$14... JH Discount $10/day
Oct 20-22, 2017 POTC Zanesville RD T-S Wheeler & TBA $22/$14/$14... JH Discount $10/day
Nov 24-26, 2017 COSSA Zanesville RD S-T TBA $22/$14/$14... JH Discount $10/day
Dec 30-31, 2017 GRCCO Zanesville RD T-S Downing & TBA $22/$14/$14... JH Discount $10/day
Feb 10-11, 2018 POTC Zanesville RD S-T Barnett & Ewing $22/$14/$14... JH Discount $10/day
Mar 10-11, 2018 GRCCO Zanesville RD T-S Cadalso & TBA $22/$14/$14... JH Discount $10/day
Apr 13-15, 2018 MKC FR TBA $24/$13/$13... JH Discount $10/day
Apr 20-22, 2018 POTC Zanesville RD S-T TBA $22/$14/$14... JH Discount $10/day


PLEASE send entries for different trials in SEPARATE ENVELOPES - do not put entries for more than one trial in the same envelope!  It is also very helpful to write "BTCA", "POTC", "COSSA", "GRCCO", "MKC", etc on the front of your envelopes, since several trials may be open at once.

****EMAIL POLICY - IMPORTANT!**** If you have sent an email for a moveup, change of entry, withdrawal, etc - please note that we WILL respond (normally within 2 days; possibly 3 if you email Thursday and we've just left for a weekend trial) to all email inquiries.  If you do not receive a response, it is your responsibility to reattempt to contact us (obviously we can't know to contact you if we didn't receive the request!) either via email or phone, prior to the closing date .  Any requests that we do not receive prior to close of entries cannot be accepted, per AKC Policies. 


ZANESVILLE VENDORS: all vending must be pre-arranged - absolutely NO "crate vending" or "day-of-show" requests will be approved.  Please contact either Trial Secretary at the addresses in the premiums for information on vending at future trials

POTC = Parkersburg OTC BTCA = Bedlington Terrier Club of America
MKC = Mountaineer KC COSSA = Central OH Shetland Sheepdog Assoc
AAKA = Altoona Area Kennel Assoc GRCCO = Golden Retriever Club of Columbus OH


If you provide a legible, functioning email address, you WILL receive a confirmation email within 7 days maximum of our receiving your entry (usually within 1-2 days).  Also be sure that you have whitelisted our email addresses ,and so that you can receive my emails (especially if you use AOL!!).  If you do not receive an email, PLEASE contact me either by phone (304-488-2871) or email ASAP so we can make sure we received your entry.  Everyone will also receive a Final Confirmation letter at the time of entry closing.  PLEASE read and verify your entry information in one or both of these emails!!  Sending me corrections is NOT an inconvenience - it is a HUGE help, as last-minute (i.e. 2-3 days before the trial) corrections are a royal pain.

**SEE "Zanesville Hotels" page for latest info on special rates being offered by some locations!**

Past Trials - Results
Dates Club Location Classes Height Order Premium Judging Schedule Judges Friday Results Saturday Results Sunday Results
Apr 21-23, 2017 POTC Zanesville Premier:Fri/Sat; T2B:Fri/Sun; FAST:Fri/Sat T-S Bermke & Wheeler
Apr 14-16, 2017 MKC M'town Premier ALL DAYS;
T2B Sun; FAST Fri/Sat
S-T Chapman & Pinneri
Mar 11-12, 2017 GRCCO Zanesville Premier:Sat;
T2B:Sun; FAST:Sat
S-T Couch & Defilippi n/a
Feb 11-12, 2017 POTC Zanesville Premier:Sat;
T2B:Sun; FAST:Sat
T-S Griffin &
Dec 30-31, 2016 GRCCO Zanesville Premier:Fri;
T2B:Sat; FAST:Fri
S-T Bounds & O'Brien n/a
Nov 25-27, 2016 COSSA Zanesville Premier:Fri/Sat; T2B:Fri/Sun; FAST:Fri/Sat T-S Teare & Syner
Nov 11-13, 2016 MKC M'town Premier all days; T2B Sun; FAST Fri/Sat 20-24-16-12-8-4 Cadalso & Ogle
Oct 21-23, 2016 POTC Zanesville Premier:Fri/Sat; T2B:Fri/Sun; FAST:Fri/Sat S-T Duckworth & Osiol
Sept 16-18, 2016 BTCA Zanesville Premier:Fri/Sat; T2B:Fri/Sun; FAST:Fri/Sat T-S Ramsell & Morgan
Apr 22-24, 2016 POTC Zanesville Premier:Fri/Sat; T2B:Fri/Sun; FAST:Fri/Sat S-T Wheeler & Hanson
Apr 15-17, 2016 MKC M'town Premier all days; T2B Sun; FAST Fri/Sat S-T Brane & Smith
Mar 12-13, 2016 GRCCO Zanesville Premier:Sat; T2B:Sun; FAST:Sat T-S Syrkin & Bradley n/a
Feb 13-14, 2016 POTC Zanesville Premier:Sat; T2B:Sun; FAST:Sat S-T Davis & Morgan n/a

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last updated: 4/24/2017